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Ingredients for Salad for LIFE! may be found on this link: http://www.livingfoodvillage.com/recipes/47-salad-for-life

Another article that may help you regarding Living and Raw Food Enzymes is: http://www.livingfoodvillage.com/weight-management/64-your-enzymes

Make a Salad for LIFE! Smoothie: http://www.livingfoodvillage.com/recipes/196-salad-for-life-smoothies

1st Meal (Breakfast)

Add 25% protein to your salad (Salad should be 75% of all you eat).****Include (at least) a 1/2 cup of sprouts-any type you like-Alfalfa Sprouts have a lot of protein (35%). The Life Force Energy of Sprouts helps purge toxins, heal and offer the best nutrition possible.

Protein Sources: **Raw Soaked Nuts/Seeds, Sprouts, Tofu, Chicken, Fish.  (Protein Myth~Click here: http://www.livingfoodvillage.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=141:where-do-living-and-raw-foodist-get-their-protein&catid=36:general&Itemid=29 )

The Ann Wigmore Institute teaches us to not have any "processed" foods. If you eat grains, try them "sprouted" - not cooked. Cooking destroys the living enzymes which your body needs to be optimally healthy. If you are able to remove tofu and meat from your daily intake-GOOD for YOU! Just Do It!My goal is to help (the most of) you obtain enough "living and raw food". Once your body begins to crave the new healthy choices, we can work more on the protein issues, if you are a meat eater. If you are on the Standard American Diet (SAD)-just know that it is possible to give up meat, if you so desire. I'll help you through the process! :D

In Between Meals Have a Healthy Snack, Veggies or a Fruit.

2nd Meal (Lunch)

Do this (above) again for lunch and you may add a whole grain carbohydrate, (like humus, carrots, pasta, brown rice, quinoa, etc...) instead of having protein again. Always get organic, if and when possible. To lose weight select a protein again for lunch, don't eat carbs-including carrots.

In Between Meals Have a Healthy Snack, Veggies or a Fruit.

This salad IS PROTEIN!!! The sprouts and greens are filled with amino acids and when combined as I have stated-you are receiving complete proteins! And the soaked nuts and seeds are all proteins too! So if you add nuts and seeds, just keep in mind the ratio: 25% proteins from all sources- (except the salad and sprouts) and 75% salad :D

3rd Meal (Dinner)

Eat fruit...3-5 different kinds in the same fruit category or that combine well. This flushes your system from the inside out. The fruit will push all the "other" food thru your entire digestive system. Any putrification in your colon, not allowing you to absorb nutrients may be expelled as you eat raw and living foods.

With all this "roughage" your colon may be shocked by the over abundance of healthy food it has been given-if it hasn't had so much healthy food... you will eliminate like crazy! ;D But there is nothing better than a good bowel movement-which you'll know the living/raw foods are working when you start eliminating 2-3 times per day about a 1/2 hour after eating or so ;D Just a heads up and a little FYI. Some people do totally fine with it. Sorry, if that sounds crass, just a fact, that your system is purging, eliminating and healing.

REMEMBER: All melons: eat it alone or leave it alone.

In fact, your body will start to want this healthy choice! This is a cleansing food regime. Your body will have all the nutrients it needs to satiate all needs. Cravings will diminish. In fact, your body will start to want this healthy choice!

The 30 Seconds Chewing Rule

Try to "chew" all your bits of food for at least 30 seconds and really feel your digestive enzymes working as they break down the food for ultimate assimilation and nutrients. You will notice that the longer you chew, the less food you "need". You should spend at least 20 minutes eating and chewing well with one small salad. This allows your brain to catch up to your mouth as you are eating. Also, the more you chew the better the nutrients get digested 1st in your mouth and broken down for optimal digestion and assimilation.

Drink 4-32 ounces of good drinking water (I use mason jars and can measure how much I drink)

When you wake up, drink 32 oz of water 1st thing...as you wake up, shower, put on make up-dry your hair-get ready for work-whatever...drink the entire 32 ounces before you drink coffee/ tea or eat breakfast. (Coffee is not desirable to have if you are trying to cleanse your body) Try to drink water through out the day. Just begin to develop a habit of keeping water handy. You will begin to desire it more and more. Water will further flush your system after fasting all night.You will give yourself a nice big drink of water to rehydrate in the morning and your body will begin to request that and thank you for that.

  • Work up to 4 (32 ounces) containers of water per day if you need to.
  • A good rule is to drink at least 1/2 your body weight in water in ounces.
  • If you are trying to pull anything from your body, the more water you drink, the better it will help you detox and cleanse.
  • This is a detoxifying salad that will pull so much from your system, the water will help remove it.
  • You may feel ill as the toxins begin to release, drink more water.

Schedule a colonic-if possible. Colonics will be beneficial if you are very well hydrated and are able to have one as soon as you feel "sick" or flu like. That's the toxins being released to your colon. When those toxins pass thru, you will feel much better.


I'm not a doctor. I know what my father did! He healed himself of stage 4 liver cancer! I believe all people have the ability to heal themselves and be fit and healthy with the right choices.



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